Lucille Ball: Hey, Look Me Over!

Take a look at this gem from The Ed Sullivan Show: it’s Lucille Ball and Paula Stewart singing “Hey, Look Me Over” from the Broadway musical Wildcat!

I’ve loved the lyrics of this one since I was a kid of about age three, even before I realized what they meant:

Hey, look me over,

Lend me an ear,

Fresh out of clover,

Mortgaged up to here…



De-Lovely: Ethel Merman and Judy Garland’s Duet on THE JUDY GARLAND SHOW

Take a look at this glorious YouTube find of the evening!  It’s Ethel Merman and Judy Garland singing a medley on THE JUDY GARLAND SHOW.  Talk about a performance that’s equal to Cole Porter’s lyrics as being “delightful, delicious, delectable, delirious, dilemma, de-limit, deluxe and de-lovely” – WOW!




Steer Far Clear of New York City Employment Agencies



I had to laugh the other night when I arrived home at my apartment.  There was a message on my machine from a New York City employment agency, wanting me to call them back about a job.

Don’t even try it, agency!

Years ago, those places were so unscrupulous that they were the most reviled establishments in town.  They would place totally bogus ads in the newspaper.  You should have seen them – glowing descriptions of fantastic jobs in the entertainment industry that any college kid looking for their first opportunity would love to have: work on special projects, be involved with publicity and research, coordinate special events for a movie company’s headquarters, etc.

Know the saying about how whenever something looks too good to be true it probably is?  Exactly!  

Whenever I’d answer the ad, I’d always – always! – be told, “That job was filled this morning, but we have another one you’d be perfect for!  It’s at an architectural firm.”  Or a dentist’s office.  Or the lumberjack’s union.  Or the elevator repair shop.

I’m not easily intimidated and I’m not easily impressed, either.  So I’d shoot back with, “How can I be perfect for this?  I answered your ad for a movie company.  I have a degree in Media.  I want a job in public relations.  Why would you think I’d want to work for some elevator repairmen?”

The agents, the same ones who initially sang praises about my resume,  wouldn’t like me after that.  Oh, no.  They wanted scared, moronic, malleable little minions.  The sooner they could push a candidate into some awful spot where they might have a chance of making a commission, the better.  What the candidate needed was completely unimportant and irrelevant.  What talents a job seeker could bring to a company didn’t really matter, either. Their whole rotten attitude seemed to be, ” Degree in Media?  Talented in writing?  Want to work in PR?  Screw you – go type up memos for the lumberjacks or get lost!”

My battle stories about these people are legion.  I recall the one with a mouthful of half-blackened teeth who screamed bloody murder at me, saying, “You have bills!  You have to pay your bills!  Take this interview!”  I was living with my parents at the time and didn’t have any bills.  Nice try, whack job!  Now go fix your teeth!

Another one lied like a rug about what kind of company she was sending me on an interview for.  When I complained she said, “Well, didn’t you want to work there for the decor of the place?”  The decor?  What decor? She claimed to be surprised by my erudite reply.  It was, “Hell, no!”

One agent did get me a nice spot at Orion Pictures Corporation, which is now bankrupt and gone.  If it wasn’t, I would have stayed there until retirement.  However, the ad I answered was for a spot in PR which – surprise, surprise! – did not really exist, or rather, “It was filled this morning.”  It was for a Legal Assistant in the Legal Department.  I took it anyway to get a foot in the door, but it got caught there and went no further, since Orion was a failing company.

They are unethical as Hell, these agencies.  Years later a lot of them got in trouble for pressuring people to take jobs that they didn’t want.  I hadn’t realized at the time that that was illegal.  Pity.  I could have sued a few of them and might have wound up living off the proceeds even yet.

Meanwhile, an agent from the worst agency of them all – W-I-N-S-T-O-N, it calls itself, though I call it W-I-N-D-B-A-G  – left the message at my house the other day.  Oh, no!  Oh, God!  W-I-N-S-T-O-N!  The worst of the worst!  The craziest of the crazies!  The top nut on the employment agencies’ collective fruit cake!

The last time I went there was the last time I set foot in any agent’s office anywhere.  Why?  Well, the agent I had to deal with was Miss New Age Flake of the Western World.  She claimed I didn’t like my then-boss because I’d been “a Southern slave owner” in another life and a different century and had once OWNED that boss.  It was, she informed me with her creepily wild eyes, my fault – and my “karma.”

I was a slave owner in a different century?

I’d once owned the boss?

It was my karma?

Where does anyone even come up with this kind of stuff, let alone think they can inform an applicant for a position who walks in the door in good faith that it’s “the truth”?

The agent in question then began yelling and screaming at me as a way of attempting to persuade me to take an interview that I did not want in yet another industry I had no desire to work for.  That’s typical, but the screaming wasn’t.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack, she got so crazy, and had such a psychotic look in her eye.  Ethical, these agencies are not.  I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.

Normally I would not mention the name of the agency in a blog post like this, but I feel strongly enough about the unprofessionalism and illegality of this one that I’m going on the record with it.  Once again, the offensive place is called W-I-N-S-T-O-N.

I just Googled them, and guess what?  While she’s not the agent who called me, the looney-tune agent is still there!

Their upper management and owners clearly don’t stop their agents from being beyond impossible to the jobseekers so they must approve of this kind of crap.  Well, I don’t, and they won’t be placing me in a job and making any money off me any time soon, as a result, thank you just the same.  The leadership of Windsor should be ashamed of itself and take corrective action to prevent their agents from continuing to behave like this – immediately.  The blog category I’m choosing for this post is CORRUPTION.

If they don’t like hearing it – freedom of speech is legal, W-I-N-S-T-O-N!  What you try to do to people isn’t. Call this post part of your “karma!”

Not available for target practice!

Sorry, agencies, but  I’m not available for target practice – aim at someone else!


Reading Recommendations: Something for Everyone!

I’ve been having a great time this summer with the books I’ve been reading during my commute. Here are a few that I would like to recommend. Fair warning: my taste in books is eclectic, to put it mildly!

In the Shadow of the Banyan by Vaddey Ratner

In the Shadow of the Banyan by Vaddey Ratner

In the Shadow of the Banyan by Vaddey Ratner is about a Cambodian child and her family during the worst of times, when the Pol Pot regime enslaved the entire population and killed a third of their people. Think your life is tough? Take a look at this.

Blood Feud by Edward Klein

Blood Feud by Edward Klein

Blood Feud by Edward Klein was a revelation. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the savvy of Bill Clinton while making me shake my head at the cluelessness of the Obamas. If true, it’s also quite terrifying that Obama’s regime was ready to unfairly throw Hillary Clinton under the proverbial bus over Benghazi. Read it to find out the stories behind the headlines.

The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Steadman

The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Steadman

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Steadman is a great read. It’s also the most beautiful cautionary tale I’ve ever read about the fact that less-than-proper actions have powerful consequences. A childless Australian lighthouse keeper and his wife find a dead man and a baby washed up, in a rowboat, on their island beach. The wife persuades the husband to not report the dead father so they can keep the baby…then later find out the babe’s real mother is still alive…

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan

Finally, there’s The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan. “Billy Fingers” was the “street name” of the author’s late brother who died after a lifetime full of all kinds of trouble.  Did he visit her from The Other Side? Pick up a copy and find out!







MAMA ROSE’S TURN: The Other Side of The Story of June & Gypsy’s Mother

My book that uncovers the real story: MAMA ROSE'S TURN

My book that uncovers the real story: MAMA ROSE’S TURN

Whoever would have guessed that Baby June was so untruthful?

Find out what I found out when I researched June’s mother, the “notorious” Rose Hovick.

My book MAMA ROSE’S TURN is available here:

Walk Your Talk or Stop Your Squawk

I’m having a wonderful time with sites like,, and  I recommend all of them for anyone who has something to say and wants to present their thoughts in a sign.

On that note, behold my new one!  Tee hee.  Is it no wonder that controlling hypocrites are discombobulated by me?

Yes indeedy!

Yes indeedy!


If You Love Unsolved Mysteries, Read SOUL SURVIVOR

SOUL SURVIVOR: Was the child on the left once the soldier on the right?

SOUL SURVIVOR: Was the child on the left once the soldier on the right?

I had an ulterior motive when I waltzed into the New Age section of the book store the other night.  I have a friend who is grieving for some lost family members and wondered if, perhaps, a book like Betty J. Eadie’s Embraced By The Light, a story of a near-death experience, might make a nice gift under the circumstances.

The trouble, in this instance, with buying Embraced By The Light, which is a beautiful book by a lovely author whose talks I’ve attended, is that the friend in question is a diehard atheist – but hey, that’s another story.

I wound up buying a reincarnation book for myself: Soul Survivor by Bruce and Andrea Leininger and Ken Gross.  I had seen this book before and it intrigued me.  Any unsolved mystery intrigues me and I particularly like the spiritual ones.

Soul Survivor tells the story of an All-American family from Louisiana whose child began to have violent, terrifying nightmares of being a man trapped in a plane crash during World War II.  The little boy, James, at the ripe old ages of two and three, gave his mother and father very specific details about the crash: his plane was a Corsair; it took off from a boat called the Natoma; the crash took place during the Battle of Iwo Jima; and the pilot who died was – James!  Furthermore, the child insisted his name had been James at the time this happened, too.  He did not know his “old” last name but he also recalled the full name of a friend: Jack Larsen.

His mother, Andrea, believed their boy was experiencing a past life, but father Bruce was totally skeptical of the story.  He was also a Christian who did not wish to believe it could possibly be true.  On the other hand, their little James was screaming in his sleep every night as he dreamt of the plane crash, over and over, and drew pictures of it, too.  He said he’d been shot down by “the Japanese.”  While awake, the toddler also had all kinds of details about Corsairs, other planes, and even knew what to do to inspect one, pre-flight!

Bruce began to research the details the boy was giving his parents.  To his astonishment, he discovered there was a Navy ship, the Natoma Bay, from which planes took off in the Pacific Ocean during the Battle of Iwo Jima, and more!  A whole lot more.  Like Jack Larsen, who was alive and well, and the fact that there had been a Natoma Bay pilot named James M. Huston who had been killed in World War II – during guess what battle?

Was James the reincarnation of a downed pilot who fought valiantly for our country?  Read the delightful book by Bruce and Andrea Leininger and Ken Gross and let’s see what conclusion you reach!

Here’s the Leininger family telling their story.  Enjoy!