If You Love Unsolved Mysteries, Read SOUL SURVIVOR

SOUL SURVIVOR: Was the child on the left once the soldier on the right?

SOUL SURVIVOR: Was the child on the left once the soldier on the right?

I had an ulterior motive when I waltzed into the New Age section of the book store the other night.  I have a friend who is grieving for some lost family members and wondered if, perhaps, a book like Betty J. Eadie’s Embraced By The Light, a story of a near-death experience, might make a nice gift under the circumstances.

The trouble, in this instance, with buying Embraced By The Light, which is a beautiful book by a lovely author whose talks I’ve attended, is that the friend in question is a diehard atheist – but hey, that’s another story.

I wound up buying a reincarnation book for myself: Soul Survivor by Bruce and Andrea Leininger and Ken Gross.  I had seen this book before and it intrigued me.  Any unsolved mystery intrigues me and I particularly like the spiritual ones.

Soul Survivor tells the story of an All-American family from Louisiana whose child began to have violent, terrifying nightmares of being a man trapped in a plane crash during World War II.  The little boy, James, at the ripe old ages of two and three, gave his mother and father very specific details about the crash: his plane was a Corsair; it took off from a boat called the Natoma; the crash took place during the Battle of Iwo Jima; and the pilot who died was – James!  Furthermore, the child insisted his name had been James at the time this happened, too.  He did not know his “old” last name but he also recalled the full name of a friend: Jack Larsen.

His mother, Andrea, believed their boy was experiencing a past life, but father Bruce was totally skeptical of the story.  He was also a Christian who did not wish to believe it could possibly be true.  On the other hand, their little James was screaming in his sleep every night as he dreamt of the plane crash, over and over, and drew pictures of it, too.  He said he’d been shot down by “the Japanese.”  While awake, the toddler also had all kinds of details about Corsairs, other planes, and even knew what to do to inspect one, pre-flight!

Bruce began to research the details the boy was giving his parents.  To his astonishment, he discovered there was a Navy ship, the Natoma Bay, from which planes took off in the Pacific Ocean during the Battle of Iwo Jima, and more!  A whole lot more.  Like Jack Larsen, who was alive and well, and the fact that there had been a Natoma Bay pilot named James M. Huston who had been killed in World War II – during guess what battle?

Was James the reincarnation of a downed pilot who fought valiantly for our country?  Read the delightful book by Bruce and Andrea Leininger and Ken Gross and let’s see what conclusion you reach!

Here’s the Leininger family telling their story.  Enjoy!

“The Ballad of John and Yoko”

I was just asked what Beatles song was most like my life, and I didn’t even have to think about it before I answered.  Easily, without a doubt, if my life were a Beatles song, it would be “The Ballad of John and Yoko!”

Why?  Due to the fact that no matter what John and  Yoko did, somebody, somewhere, which in their case, almost always meant members of the press, had something to say about it.  The fact that the press was sticking its noses all over their business, where it clearly didn’t belong, did not stop them.  They had far too much to say.  They also were constantly contradicting one another.

Note how the song starts “The man in the Mack said you’ve got to go back.”  It was a reference to trying to stop John and  Yoko’s wedding.

Also note how it ends:, “It’s good to have the both of you back!”  See what I mean?  Around and around they went – as if anybody in the press had the right to tell this man who he could marry in the first place.  The song was a hit for The Beatles – their 17th, and last, one in the United Kingdom, released right before the group broke up.  George Harrison and Ringo Starr, apparently, weren’t involved with the recording of it, just John Lennon and Paul McCarthy.  Ringo was always my favorite Beatle, but I adore this song anyway.

John repeatedly sings, during the song, which tells the saga of not only his wedding but his honeymoon,

“The way things are goin’

They’re gonna crucify me!”

He may well have been onto something there!

Ever notice how it’s always the ones who have no business saying anything to you who shoot their mouths off saying everything to you?  You have?  Me, too!

Do you know what I say to that?  Do whatever you feel like doing anyway!



Want a Free Website?

Get a free website.  Woo-HOO!

Get a nice, cool, free website. Woo-HOO!

Here is the find of the evening: Webstarts free websites!  They’re nice websites with lots of cool templates and features to choose from.  Besides, folks, the price is right!

Want one?  Click here:

Free Websites with Webstarts: https://www.webstarts.com/?aff=cq1





Hidden Cash in NYC

Hidden Cash in NYC: Who's going to find it?

Hidden Cash in NYC: Who’s going to find it?

Tomorrow, Sunday, July 13, 2014, there is going to be a fun event in New York City! It’s called HIDDEN CASH IN NYC.

$100 will be hidden somewhere, in one of the five boroughs.

To find out which one, follow @HiddenCashinNYC on Twitter. They will be Tweeting clues about the borough where the cash will be hidden at 12:00 Noon tomorrow. The real-life honest-to-goodness treasure hunt, complete with a $100 cash prize, will begin at 1:00 PM.

Woo-hoo! Get in on this, the “premiere event” of Hidden Cash in NYc, and be there!

My Upcoming Mystery Novel


Uh-oh!  Who inspired it?

Uh-oh! Who inspired it?

To the aspiring writers out there: You have all met people whose stories don’t add up, whose behavior strikes you as odd, or who lie like rugs, haven’t you?


What are you waiting for?

Such people may be impossible to know and useless to love, but you can use them as inspiration for some pretty grandiose mystery characters!  They’re material!

Get cracking.  Write!

Shoko Kazama Art Gallery Opening – July 18th in Long Island City

BOKUSAI: Japanese Calligrapher Shoko Kazama's First American Art Show!

BOKUSAI: Japanese Calligrapher Shoko Kazama’s First American Art Show!


Please join artist Shoko Kazama, who is visiting from Japan, on Friday night, July 18th at 7:00 PM for her gallery opening at RESOBOX.  The address is 41-26 27th Street, Long Island City, New York.  Phone number for more information: 718-784-3680; email info@resobox.com.

Shoko’s style of art is calligraphy.  This is her first show in New York City.  More details are below.  Come one, come all!

Shoko Kazama Invitation

Shoko Kazama Invitation

A Call for Braille Menus in ALL Restaurants

Braille, the alphabet for the blind and hearing impaired.

Braille, the alphabet for the blind and hearing impaired.

I never realized that restaurants aren’t require to have Braille menus – until my friend Richard Skipper created this petition.

I’m in shock that this very serious issue for blind people has been overlooked.  How could this not have been addressed sooner?

We cannot allow this to continue.  Besides, it’s always fun to stand up and do the correct thing.  Please sign the petition and let’s right this wrong as soon as possible!