The Entertainment Industry Non-Traditional Belief System Follies


UFO Nachtaufnahme

Uh-oh!  Space aliens allegedly fly over Queens!  

Here’s a list that I, Carolyn Quinn, compiled for fun. It’s of actual statements that people made to me, yes, me, personally, back when I worked in the entertainment industry.  Some were actors, one was an agent, one was an executive, one was the male half of a renowned comedy team represented by the agent I worked for, a few were office workers, but ALL worked in entertainment, thus proving, once and for all, that there’s no business like show business. Read on, especially if you need a smile:

“I miss my dead parents so much, and I don’t understand why they cut me out of their will, as if I’m a flake, so I’ve hired a Psychic Channeler to talk to them for me – wherever they are now – on the Astral Plane.  It cost two hundred and fifty bucks.”

“I just got back from the most fascinating seminar. They wouldn’t let us go to the bathroom for twelve hours at a time just so we’d learn our minds have more control over our bodies than we may think. I’m so proud of myself for not wetting my pants.”

“I’m going to Rebirthing Therapy tonight. I’ll be floating in the dark in a tank of hot water that replicates my mother’s womb. It’s only six hundred dollars for a half hour.”

“Based on what happened in my family seventeen years ago, I’m going to Cry Therapy. The doc will make me spend an hour having a good cry in his center’s Crying Room. It’s painted a special shade of blue.”

“I’m setting up a special camera in my backyard to record evidence of all the UFO’s. Nobody believes me, but they fly all the time over my garage in St. Albans, Queens.”

“I hate your boss. I want to give him pneumonia. Would you steal me one of his gloves so I can make a Voodoo doll with it and put a curse on it? The spell book says I need a glove. Then I’m taking it home and putting it in the freezer. He should be comatose by the end of the week.”

“I had a conversation with John Lennon again last night. We meet all the time on the Astral Plane. He gives me messages for Yoko, but for some reason she won’t let me into her apartment to discuss it.”

“I went for Past Life Regression Therapy. I was murdered by a chauvinistic nobleman in the 15th Century. That’s why I hate O.J. Simpson so much and feel so bad for Nicole: I was murdered once, too!”

Oh, please note: there’s flights over St. Albans, Queens, all right.  Lots of lights can be seen in the night sky there.  Why, do you ask?  It’s a stone’s throw from JFK International Airport!


John Lennon rehearses Give Peace A Chance by R...

Leave John Lennon’s family alone, I say!  John Lennon rehearses Give Peace A Chance by Roy Kerwood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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