Astonishing Development: ARREST Made in the Etan Patz Case!

When I heard that a man had confessed to killing Etan Patz, I figured it was a hoax.  After all, some nut “confessed” to killing JonBenet Ramsey several years ago and that turned out to be the bogus rantings of a man wanting his fifteen minutes of fame.  Yet Pedro Hernandez of Maple Shade, NJ, the individual who claims to have killed Etan Patz back in 1979, has been arrested for the murder.  Police say he knew enough specifics of the case to have made him a viable suspect.

Is this for real?  Has the case truly been solved?  There’s no way of knowing  yet.  Only time, perhaps backed up by forensic evidence, if any still exists, will be able to tell.  Yet this is most certainly not the kind of development that anyone of good will ever wished to see unfold for the Patz family.  I can’t help but hope the “confession” is bogus and Etan might still be found somewhere – alive.  May God bless the Patz family tonight.

JonBenet, Front Page News

JonBenet, Front Page News (Photo credit: MyEyeSees)


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