Vote for Lincoln!

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Office of Hawaiian Affairs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m often told I have no problem stepping in where angels fear to tread, but the situation I’m about to describe needs more than angels.  It needs a total mobilization of unofficial “troops” composed of people of goodwill from as many localities as possible!

For quite some time now I have been aware of a petition that has been circulating on the Internet.  The situation is appalling in the extreme: a church in Hawaii, namely the Kawaiaha’o Church, wants to dig up the remains of Hawaiian people in order to – fasten your seatbelts – build a new social hall.

If you were hoping  you read that incorrectly, I am sorry to report that no, you haven’t.  This church wishes to disrupt a burial ground in favor of a social hall.

Now do not get me wrong here: it’s not the social hall itself that causes me to object.  It’s the idea that the remains of the relatives of a friend, Lancelot Haili Lincoln, that are among those set to be disturbed in order to make way for the construction of this abysmal building.

If you are as riled about this as I happen to be at the moment, please sign the petition here:—stop-the-digging-of-ancestral-burials-at-kawaiahao-church/

Lancelot Haili Lincoln is also riled about this – and wishes to be elected to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, mainly to serve his people, but also to try and do something about this horrific situation and others like it that are being perpetrated in Hawaii.  Lancelot wants to serve all of the people in Hawaii – from all backgrounds.  I for one am hoping to see him get elected in November.  He’s a friend.  He’d be perfect for this job!  And he’s even got the last name of everyone’s favorite president.  Vote for Lincoln!

Should you wish to donate $5.00 or more, the address is:  Friends of Lincoln, P.O. 1115, Waialua, HI 96791.


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