Hurricane Sandy

A tree branch downed by Hurricane Sandy

It was quite a night.

I live half a block from a bay in Brooklyn, in “Evacuation Zone C.”  Our zone was not told to evacuate, but as the wind went berserk last night, sounding like an oncoming train every few seconds, I questioned my wisdom at staying.  I’ve never heard such a wind in my life, not even when I stayed in the mountains.  Fortunately I had a lot of fabulous people who kept checking in with me because what was transpiring here was truly terrifying.  I fell asleep right after I heard a newscaster call it a “Katrina situation;” how I fell asleep after that remains a mystery.

This morning I awoke to a brand new, if cold, rainy and damp,  nonetheless beautiful day…to find out how terribly hard my fellow New Yorkers were hit, as well as the good people of New Jersey.  A neighborhood in Queens, New York lost 80 houses to a fire.  That’s easy to believe.  With that wind?  Heck, I’m amazed it was only 80.

My neighborhood made out very well, all things considered.  I woke up in a house with electricity, telephone, Internet and cable.  There’s hot water and heat.  The worst thing that seems to have happened to my street is the tree branch that blocked the sidewalk, above.  Some stores were open this morning.  I couldn’t get to work since there’s no subway or express bus service, and probably won’t be any tomorrow, either, but that’s the least of anyone’s troubles tonight.  Everything here is pretty much fine.  One neighborhood away, my best friend has been in the dark since ten o’clock last night.  In Manhattan, the news says there’s so many traffic lights that aren’t functioning – probably in the Lower Manhattan area, where there’s a major blackout – that it’s hazardous getting around.

Fortunately, since my ‘hood wasn’t hit to hard, there’s not much else to report.  Wow, are we ever lucky over here!

Drawing I did today for fun


3 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

  1. ROBERT FREESE says:

    Wow I was just thinking about you when I received your great post. Thank god you’re okay. What a nightmare this is. I feel bad for all those people Who are going to be feeling the pain of this storm for along time.. The power in my hood went Off today at 9: 15 PM. It had me so depressed. Came back on at 12:10AM. Wonder why. Thank god or should I say thank Con Ed. Many trees came down on top of cars but not much else. I miss the trains. Everything seems strange without them. It’s like being trapped.



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