Neon Carriage

Old-fashioned Hansom Cab underlit with neon lights, Plaza District, New York City; photo copyright 2012 by Carolyn Quinn

This is one of the coolest Hansom Cabs available for hire in New York City’s “Plaza District.” The white carriage is underlit by blue neon lights and the horse is a beauty. I love it because it blends the glamour and romance of Old New York with the high-tech world of the present day.

The New York area is still not fully up and running as smoothly as we’d like to be after Hurricane Sandy, but we’re getting there. Come and visit us! We really are the greatest city in the world, and we’ve certainly got everything here. The Neon Carriage is proof!


6 thoughts on “Neon Carriage

  1. I would guess the neon carriage makes it more visible at night, thus increasing equine safety. I’d like to see that mandatory on horse-drawn cabs, perhaps in different colored lights for each cab to add to the allure.


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