Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

For all those who can’t visit New York City at our most festive time of the year, take a look at this. It’s the ten-story Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. What a beauty!

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the tree is both our city’s pride and joy – and every Fifth Avenue commuter and pedestrian’s idea of a nightmare. The tree brings in 500,000 extra visitors a day. We love our visitors and welcome everyone from all over the world! The only little problem with this is that our city streets were not constructed with 500,000 extra people in mind. Long ago, when I worked in a pretty building on Madison Avenue, it used to be all but impossible during the weeks the tree was up, during lunch hour, to get one block over to the book store that used to be on Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street and that I loved; the streets were packed like subway cars full of standees at rush hour. Five hundred thousand extra people on the surrounding streets can do that.

Those of us who live here may grumble a bit about all this. Some of us may even grumble a lot, especially on those nights when it takes the Fifth Avenue buses an extra twenty minutes just to ride past the tree. The tree is still beloved all over town. If you can visit us this season, please do! We adore having tourists here from all over the country and all over the world and we would love to have you “come on along and listen to the lullaby of Broadway,” too!


7 thoughts on “Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

  1. Lola Shropshire says:

    …carolyn, i always read your blogs and really enjoy them…i even enjoyed the commercial about corolla…interesting about the tree and though its joyous it can also create problems…i live near the fairgrounds and once or twice per year when there’s something big there, we cannot get in and out quickly, we have one access road otherwise and the street dept usually has it closed off working on it during that time…double that a thousand times and i’m sure that would be your christmas tree jam…


    • WordPress adds the commercials. How many people attend your fair? I hope you don’t get 500,000 extra ones a day, too! That can be a little problematic here when a lot of them all become lost at the same time.


  2. Carolyn !Thank you for the lovely photo too of the Rocke…tree Now I´m not one of the 500 000 making trouble lol I´ve seen it! I got you ! It´s like here when those of us that love our Old Town in stockholm keep away from there, when all tourists are there ,the streets isn´t large enough lol Wishing you a great week!! 😉


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