“All Hawaii Stand Together”

I saw a mention of this song on Facebook a few months ago, Googled it, found this video, played it over and over, and only stopped to order the CD.  I understand it’s a song that is sung at all Hawaiian parties and gatherings, and I can see why.  Not only is it a terrific song, but it’s also a call for Hawaiian sovereignty.  And just when the lyrics in English can’t seem to get any better, the singer, Dennis Pavao, joyously swings into  jazzy Hawaiian.  Bravo, Dennis!

I loved it so much I even memorized the Hawaiian part.  A lanakila!  



2 thoughts on ““All Hawaii Stand Together”

  1. frank quinn says:

    Carolyn: An extremely enjoyable sing and recording-reminiscent of the great recordings by Alfred Apaka- a legendary Hawaiian vocalist.
    Thanks a million for bringing this toour attention.
    Alpha Eagle 6


    • It’s so funny you would mention Alfred Apaka, Dad: I started doing a bit of research about him for a blog post. I was so lucky that you and Mom raised me with Broadway and Hawaiian music! No child could have had better songs playing in the background than I did growing up.


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