Help Find Menachem Bodner’s Long-Lost Twin Brother Jolli

Menachem Bodner is searching for his twin brother Yoli

Menachem Bodner (born Elias Gottesmann) is searching for his twin brother Jeno “Jolli” Gottesmann

Long-Lost Twin, Jolli

Long-Lost Twin, Jolli

Everyone, “meet” Menachem Bodner.  He was born Elias Gottesmann.  He last saw his identical twin brother, Jeno “Jolli” Gottesmann, in the twins’ block of Auschwitz concentration camp.  The crazed Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele, performed experiments there on twins.

It is believed that Menachem’s twin was adopted.  They are 72 years old.  They’re identical twins, so please take a look and see if you can recognize these photos.  Facebook has a page about Menachem’s search in the hope of help facilitating their reunion.  This separation of these twins is a wrong that can, hopefully soon, be made right.  It would be so awesome to see these brothers reunited!

Please take a look, share, and pass along.  L’chaim!  

In-depth article:


7 thoughts on “Help Find Menachem Bodner’s Long-Lost Twin Brother Jolli

    • Thanks, Kathy! Please help share this to get the word out there for this man. Isn’t it awesome that so many people are all coming together to try and help bring this reunion about?


  1. A very worthy cause, indeed.
    How can anyone in their right mind say the HOLOCAUST never happened?
    That maniacal leader in Iran should take note-he NEEDS an experience like AUSCHWITZ to straighten out his messed up thinking.


    • Know what I think that dictator over in Iran needs? A stint in good old-fashioned American Marine Corps BOOT CAMP! He needs to go to boot camp and get pushed around by a nice screaming drill instructor ordering him to “drop and give me twenty!” Want to laugh? Picture that!


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