Another House of Mystery, Part II: I’ve Freaked Myself Out Just Recalling All This!

wooden house from 1900s/1910s, Croatia

A house from 1900s/1910s, Croatia. The one I’m referring to wasn’t from Croatia.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be careful what you blog about.  I have been all but haunted, ever since writing the blog post about joyriding near the mysterious house of yesteryear, by memories of that bizarre situation. So many years have passed, the people either died or moved on, but I’ve had a nagging bad feeling ever since putting the post up here.  One of them is still alive…

Feeling haunted by this, well, that’s nothing new for me, really. It just usually doesn’t hit me this strongly.  All along, even while it was happening, it was one of those scenarios where I always felt like there was something else, some fact or clue, that had been right there in front of me, but that  I’d missed. Certain songs always immediately bring the whole time and place right back to me, songs from early 1980. I used to turn the volume on my car radio all the way up when I was riding all over that area.  Fortunately I rarely listen to those awful songs now. The radio station I love the most doesn’t play songs from way back when, which may well be the main reason why I like it so.  A Broadway show that I saw awhile back featured songs from that time period, and I couldn’t get out of the theater fast enough.  The songs call to mind the eyes of two of the people who lived in that house, and one, in particular, used to give me such menacing looks…

My family member who worked with one of them read it and contacted me. “Oh, that pain in the ass! Yes, I remember it. I didn’t know they’d been lying in wait for you once in their car, though. That’s crazy, even for them.  Good thing you didn’t identify them in the blog post.  Well, don’t worry. They’re no longer living in the Northeast.”

No, but…it reminds me of what Billy Flynn, the shyster lawyer, says in the movie Chicago when Roxy Hart, the guilty killer, is acquitted.  “You’re a free woman, Roxy Hart. And God save Illinois!” Even though Illinois isn’t the state in question, oh, do I ever understand the sentiment.

Other people who have read the post have spoken with me about it, too. The comments all have various versions of, “Oh my God!”  They ask me where the sole remaining member of that family now lives.  I tell them the place, then add,  “It’s right near an international border.”  Everyone laughs.  They all say that figures, and does the country they live near extradite?  I don’t know.  I don’t want to know.  Yet having said that, I’ll be looking it up momentarily.

Well, they’re gone. If only that nagging feeling that’s haunting the hell out of me would go away, too.  Meanwhile, would anybody know if maybe Interpol has a Tips Line?  Tee hee hee…


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