More Images of Blooming Brooklyn!

My photography blog, Splendiferous Images, can be found at, and that’s where I usually post the “pics of the day.”  Today I want to post them here, too, since there were just TOO MANY beautiful flowers out there and I wanted to share them ALL!  Enjoy!

tonys-1-993524_10151972658254062_1396302846_n tonys-2-935775_10151972641954062_190076368_n tonys-3-6307_10151972646099062_1183147826_n tonys-4-1006171_10151972645534062_976447025_n tonys-5- tonys-6-9137_10151972647189062_1862253253_n tonys-7-994759_10151972651759062_1086504873_n tonys-8-972275_10151972647834062_1852256966_n tonys-10-6685_10151972661079062_1935687540_n tonys-11- tonys-12-10539_10151972667299062_835974226_n tonys-12-995658_10151972683004062_1297036699_n tonys-13-1000533_10151972683874062_1726974052_n tonys-14-1000161_10151972679794062_269466273_n tonys-15-998892_10151972686649062_1426705835_n tonys-16-576829_10151972687289062_82401976_n tonys-17- tonys-18-430003_10151972694434062_105185849_n tonys-19- tonys-19-1004015_10151972700119062_852590922_n tonys-20- tonys-20 tonys-21-972150_10151972696069062_2121257040_n-1


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