Welcome to the World, Royal Baby!

The British royal family on Buckingham Palace ...

The British royal family on Buckingham Palace balcony after Prince William and Kate Middleton were married. Kate wears a wedding gown by Sarah Burton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It was so refreshing to wake up this morning and see every newscaster and reporter on Good Morning America with happy smiles of anticipation on their faces as the world awaited the news of the birth of the royal baby.  Welcoming an English royal baby certainly beats any business-as-usual divisive story on America’s battling political parties.  What a switch from the usual types of controversial or overly hyped stories covered by the news, and what a difference starting a day with a positive view can make!  This baby, before ever making his great debut into the world, already united us in joy.  You didn’t have to be British this morning to be happy about the birth of the heir to the throne.


I love Native American and Hawaiian philosophies because they highlight the concept that all people are one, that everyone’s job is to walk in balance with each other, all creatures, and their environment, and that, to utilize the Hawaiian definition of “aloha,” “to love is to be happy with.”  These are ancient beliefs within those cultures – and basic common sense for the rest of us.  We could learn a lot of decent ideas from those old philosophies.  There is very little, these days, that unites us.  May Prince William and Duchess Kate’s new son always walk in the beauty of bringing people together!


garden medicine wheel

garden medicine wheel (Photo credit: latisha (herbmother))



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