Blooming Summer!

Here’s a few floral images I took this past weekend.  I love summer!  There’s blossoms to photograph just about everywhere I look!

jardin-2-1004908_10152072874794062_1443636450_n jardin-7-1016331_10152072888554062_1189772750_n jardin-11- jardin-15-1010827_10152072908589062_506760814_n jardin-17-1016301_10152072912254062_420887077_n jardin-21-1002133_10152072916989062_1897468139_n jardin-25-1069345_10152072947609062_1840658803_n jardin-27-1075680_10152072948419062_1158259665_n


2 thoughts on “Blooming Summer!

  1. Melanie Black says:

    Seeing beautiful flowers always warms my heart and cheers me up if I feel down. I can really bask in their loveliness. thanks for sharing.


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