Good Book: “The Threaded Gem Adventure” by Malana Ashlie



If you’re looking for a creative new project and a way to reconnect with the people in your life besides, have I got a book for you!  It’s called The Threaded Gem Adventure, or How to Connect the Jewels in Your Life, by  Malana Ashlie.

The idea behind the book is as simple as it is stunning.  Malana lives in Honduras and most of her family members and friends are in the USA.  This year, for her birthday, she invited each of the people she knows and cares about to send her a bead so that she could string it into a “lei” of well-wishes that she could wear.  There are step-by-step instructions in the book for anyone who hasn’t made their own necklace before and they’re clear, concise and understandable.   Take a look at that book cover, too: the results of Malana’s requests for beads turned out to be stunning!

This is not only a great idea, but it’s request that can be met by friends and family members of any budget, since the price of a bead won’t break anybody’s bank.  It’s also a fine idea for those who are having a tough time managing various friend or family estrangements.  Asking them for a bead to celebrate a special occasion might be just the ticket to open the door of communication.  It’s like the motto for the New York Lottery: Hey, You Never Know!



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