The Book Signing!

Here it is, boys!  Here it is, world!  Here’s the MAMA ROSE’S TURN book signing!

Attention all authors: if you are going to have a book signing event, by all means contact my friend, the one and only Richard Skipper, to MC your event!  He brings style, fun and panache like you would not believe and made sure everybody had a fabulous time!  I cannot recommend him enough.  He is reachable through his website at – so authors, go for it!

Richard asked me a lot of great questions about my research and all that I had uncovered about Rose Thompson Hovick, mother of Gypsy Rose Lee and June Havoc whose colorful parenting style inspired the Broadway musical GYPSY.  Then we took questions from the audience.

The Quinn family was well represented, not only with my parents there from Scotch Plains, New Jersey, and my cousins Joe and Blanqui Quinn from Toms River, but with my cousin Theresa Quinn Delahunt arriving all the way from Boston – what a surprise!  Also there: my fabulous friends, terrific co-workers, magnificent authors Johanna Reiss and Donna Marie Nowak, actress Loria Parker, who will play Rose in the Ziegfeld Society’s new musical that will be based on my book on February 22nd, my grade school drama coach Judy Cole and my sixth grade music teacher, Tina Padas Mavroudis.  Another big surprise was that four members of the cast of La Cage aux Folles, which I would go to see repeatedly when it was on Broadway to take a break from all of the grueling research that went into this book!  Cast members Ashley Kate Adams, Christophe Caballero, Logan Keslar, and Matt Anctil were all there.   Whenever there’s a fantastic person in my life, I stay in touch with them for always, and on Friday night, they all arrived!

Writer and Broadway blogger Jen Lau, of “Close Encounters of the Theatrical Kind” fame, who’s one of my best friends, took all the photographs.  Here are a few, out of a few hundred, images from the evening.  Enjoy!

signing-1-12088_10151964420512378_1492754655_n signing-2-1454801_10151964420502378_730980758_n signing-3-923035_10151964420842378_1714757680_n signing-4-601464_10151964421157378_117501028_n signing-5-1385603_10151964421977378_639237984_n signing-5-1393541_10151964421522378_144012538_n signing-6-1393810_10151964421717378_858982808_n signing-7-1453321_10151964422177378_1392203585_n signing-7-1453362_10151964423922378_1437034681_n signing-8-1454646_10151964424347378_918935461_n signing-9-1424270_10151964426547378_1608792254_n signing-10-941292_10151964428232378_1699684390_n signing-12- signing-12-943715_10151964432772378_98039566_n signing-12-1455119_10151964431902378_286602680_n signing-13-1395429_10151964434157378_768381432_n signing-14-1383628_10151964434652378_447604564_n signing-15-1391552_10151964435702378_223395495_n signing-16-1424554_10151964436302378_459486022_n signing-17-1426252_10151964433902378_59049398_n signing-18-1426625_10151964433472378_994617595_n-1 signing-19-1453391_10151964437177378_1284289638_n signing-20-1383874_10151964437422378_273460508_n signing-21-1385156_10151964437652378_696875952_n signing-22-1456798_10151964437957378_350038217_n signing-23-1395179_10151964438142378_1893033593_n signing-24-577467_10151964438907378_347214103_n signing-24-1395399_10151964438792378_2096037455_n signing-25-1006373_10151964439422378_1798297815_n signing-27-1452164_10151964439692378_1588861646_n signing-27-C-1385253_10151964433237378_744359751_n signing-27A-1450300_10151964438407378_136316736_n signing-28-1453381_10151964439922378_334095712_n signing-29-575739_10151964440237378_9322640_n



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