Book Recommendation: “Backstage Pass to Broadway” by Susan L. Schulman


For all you fabulous “Broadway Babies” out there, and for anyone who enjoys watching the antics of celebrities, too, I highly recommend a new book by theatrical press agent Susan L. Schulman called Backstage Pass to Broadway.  Ms. Schulman has handled the publicity for countless Broadway shows and the book is a great read.  It’s also hilarious.

Find out what it was like for Susan to work on a publicity stunt involving Abbie Hoffman and Carlin Glynn, at a time when Abbie was a fugitive from the law and Carlin was playing the madam, Miss Mona, in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  Learn what it was like behind the scenes with Zero Mostel at his worst and pros like Ray Bolger at his best.  There are special appearances by Jim Dale, Mary Martin, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Vanessa Redgrave, Robert Redford, Yul Brynner, Barbara Walters, Larry Hagman and more.  Susan knew Henry Winkler during high school and even starred with him in a school play.  She took on David Merrick, known on Broadway as “The Abominable Showman,” in court – and won.  But my very favorite vignettes in the book all involve Lesley Ann Warren and a show called Dream.  Whoa, boy!  I cannot say anything more without spoiling all the fun for the readers – but run get a copy of this book, folks, because it’s a great Broadway read!  BRAVA, Susan!


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