Why Aren’t Prisoners Issued Soap?

Prison 2

Soapless! A prison. (Photo credit: planetschwa)


I’m reading Piper Kerman’s book, Orange is the New Black, about the year she spent in a federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut.  It’s a riveting read and I highly recommend it.

But I am astounded at some of the situations that Ms. Kerman encountered in that prison.

Case in point that has me on a roll tonight: prisoners are issued uniforms on arrival – but no toiletry articles.  No soap.  No shampoo.  No toothpaste. Not even deodorant.

Not even deodorant?

I’d like to know just what the Hell is going on with the prison system in America if my taxpayer’s dollars are going to support a place like this Danbury where the prisoners aren’t handed the most basic accoutrements of human hygiene when they get there.  What kind of twisted logic resulted in such a policy?  What point are the Powers That Be attempting to serve with a crock of nonsense like this?  Apparently the inmates have to arrange for a relative to send a money order to their prison account before they can purchase soap, toothpaste et al, and setting their accounts up takes awhile to process.  Since some of the women in the prison didn’t have anyone to send them any money to cover those items, guess what?  They were simply out of luck.

No account, no soap?  That’s crazy!

Soap Box Co Order (1)

Soap Box Co Order (1) (Photo credit: ovistine)


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