Washington State Book Signing, Part I

Greetings!  I was in Washington State, home of Rose Hovick, for a Mama Rose’s Turn book signing over the Thanksgiving holiday and let me tell you, it was one of the very best vacations I’ve ever had!  I was hosted by the Museum of the North Beach in Moclips, WA.  One of the residents of the Copalis Beach in the North Beach area, Belle “Betty” Thornton, was Rose Thompson Hovick’s sister, so I had been in touch with Kelly Calhoun and Jane Bennett of the museum for awhile as I researched the book.  Kelly, Jane and Lee Marriott met me in Seattle at King Street Station where Rose Hovick’s father used to work – beginning in 1895!  After they picked me up when I arrived on the Amtrak we went to the Space Needle.  I’m going to have to put only a few photos up here at a time since guess what?  I “only” took 2,625 of them during this fabulous trip!

By the way, did you know that the Space Needle sways when you get up to the top of it?  I didn’t either – but what fun!  And it certainly didn’t stop me from taking photographs, whether the edifice was sashaying around in the wind or not.  I LOVE SEATTLE!  I have to go back soon.

space-1-1482820_10152450355024062_854448898_n space-2-1230026_10152446779474062_601872493_n space-3- space-4-1005016_10152450359939062_2090581588_n space-5- space-6- space-7-1476463_10152450372349062_1190619361_n space-8-946092_10152450375529062_991496166_n space-9-1467181_10152450378324062_1912356999_n space-10- space-11-1489290_10152450382634062_796242578_n space-12-1450708_10152450401449062_1505780718_n space-12-1464666_10152458583699062_1682030847_n space-131457746_10152450427644062_401408474_n


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