Human Trafficking at…The Super Bowl?!!!


I am sitting here in shock.

First I saw an article online about a mother who brought her 15-year-old daughter up to New York City because she wanted to sell the child as a prostitute “in honor” of the Super Bowl. Fortunately the freak was communicating with undercover cops, not johns, so she found herself arrested. The girl has been taken to foster care. I hope the mother’s parental rights are terminated at once and she never, ever is allowed anywhere near her poor daughter again. I also hope the mother gets life imprisonment.

Just when I thought such news could not be worse, a friend told me to look at her Facebook profile for another article about human trafficking at the Super Bowl. Apparently this is a great event, each year, for the pimps and the traffickers. The New York area is gearing up for “tens of thousands” of prostitutes – including children like the fifteen-year-old girl.

Don’t laugh, but…I don’t usually follow sports, except for the Olympics, which I love. I don’t really follow, let alone watch, the Super Bowl. My parents call me up every year, if I’m home, when the Half Time Show begins so that I don’t miss that. I am not often home during the Super Bowl; it’s the best day of the year to get Broadway show tickets.

This year I’m a lot more interested in the Super Bowl since it’s going to be held in New Jersey, and there are all kinds of related fun events happening in New York. There’s a seventy-foot toboggan run in Times Square that I want to take a ride on. I’ve heard the lines are hours and hours long, though, and it’s been awfully cold here, too cold to be out in the open and waiting, but I might. The Empire State Building has been getting lit up in the colors of the team that gets the most Tweets these last few days. I was recently in Washington State so I’m rooting for the Seahawks, but also have cousins from Denver; whoever wins, then, I’ll be happy for the fans. But if the game wasn’t here, I’d just be getting my Broadway ticket as usual and pretty much not paying attention.

So imagine my shock when I read that article today about the annual Super Bowl influx of “tens of thousands” of poor trafficked sex workers who get sent to whatever locality hosts the game. I thought I’d heard everything when, years ago, I found out that pickpockets from a South American country charter a plane to come up here at Christmas to “work” the crowds by the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, but this? This is sick! It’s also apparently some kind of unofficial Super Bowl “tradition.”

It’s awesome that the fifteen-year-old was rescued. I hope some of these pimps who are on the way here, hoping to make a bundle on sexploitation of women and girls, get nailed by the NYPD, who are on the lookout for them. Flight attendants have even been trained to notify the pilots of their planes if they see any passenger situation that appears suspicious.  The perpetrators of this mess are not going to have the advantage of trying to hide what they’re doing in plain sight, at least.

I don’t like it that these creeps are bringing those poor women and children to my town, but who would?  As always, if you see something, SAY SOMETHING!  Let’s just hope more of the exploited ones will be discovered and freed before the weekend is out.


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