Richard Skipper Celebrates Eileen Fulton


Tonight I went to Richard Skipper Celebrates Eileen Fulton at the Metropolitan Room.  I’ve got to tell you, folks, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed anyone’s interview of anybody as much as I enjoyed Richard Skipper’s interview of Eileen!

Eileen played Lisa on As the World Turns and told quite a few stories about her incredible career.  At one point she was in three productions in New York City simultaneously – The Fantasticks Off-Broadway, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? on Broadway, and As the World Turns besides.  The schedules of the shows were such that she was able to do this with a little help from the Grand Central Shuttle subway train.  As the World Turns was being filmed in the Grand Central neighborhood, and the S train – the Shuttle – was underneath the building, on 42nd and Lex.  Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? was playing on 41st Street and 7th Avenue.  The Shuttle went between the two neighborhoods and let her off in Times Square.  It was a close call every night, but only took five minutes to get from one venue to the other, so she’d board the subway and get there in time for the show.

Now there was a gal determined to make the most of every opportunity!

She still does.  Eileen has written two memoirs and several mystery stories in addition to her long career on the soap opera.

What an enjoyable night!


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