The Real Scoop on Mama Rose

Here’s author Trav SD’s post about the MAMA ROSE’S TURN Show at the Ziegfeld Society on his blog, Travlanche – enjoy!


Last weekend I enjoyed a wonderful program at the Ziegfeld Society to promote Carolyn Quinn’s new book Mama Rose’s Turn, the first ever biography of Rose Hovick — that is, the first one not written by her highly prejudicial daughters Gypsy Rose Lee and June Havoc. The program was a charming hybrid, part lecture w/ slide show and part musical comedy, with Quinn as narrator, the Ziegfeld’s Mark York at the piano, and actresses in the roles of Rose, Gypsy and June.

1962612_10152647856964062_1669900033_n York and Quinn

Subsequently, I plundered Quinn’s painstakingly researched book for information in short order. It contained many surprising takeaways:

* If anything, Rose was a much more horrible stage mother than depicted in the musical Gypsy. There, she was charming and lovable, if a bit too needy and grasping. In reality, she sounds downright sociopathic, every relationship in her life boiling down to what she…

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