Book Recommendation: ME & MURDER, SHE WROTE by Peter S. Fischer



Me & Murder She Wrote by Peter S. Fischer

Me & Murder She Wrote by Peter S. Fischer

I am reading this book right now and wanted to give it a plug.  It’s ME AND MURDER, SHE WROTE: My Adventures in Television with Angela Lansbury, Peter Falk, and Jerry Orbach among others by Peter S. Fischer.

Peter S. Fischer was living in Long Island and wanted to become a screenwriter.  Guess what?  He went for it – and he did it!  So this book will be of very special interest to anyone who might have similar television industry aspirations.

Naturally, since the author also worked on countless shows and television movies, especially Columbo and Murder, She Wrote, but also Marcus Welby, M.D., Ellery Queen, The Darkroom, Black Beauty, Once an Eagle, and more, it will interest the fans of those programs, too.  It’s quite a fascinating look at what goes on behind the scenes and at the “corporate culture,” for lack of a better term, of series television production.

Fischer also wrote two movies that were not produced – at least, not yet, but as Orphan Annie says, “there’s always tomorrow.”  One was called “Hemingway’s Lady” and is about the first of Ernest Hemingway’s four wives.  The other is “The Tunnel.”  It’s a murder mystery set on a train seized by terrorists as it’s riding through the Simplon Tunnel connecting Italy and Switzerland.  That tunnel is 12.3 miles long.  How is that for the setting for a story?

I am so intrigued already by idea of the script  about the tunnel!  Doesn’t that sound like the perfect setting for such a story?  Won’t someone in Hollywood please take note?



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