A Carol Burnett Show Classic: “Is That Lady Maude?”

This is a classic clip from The Carol Burnett Show.

For those of you who remember the show, Carol used to let the audience members ask her questions.  This time a lady stood up, pointed to another member of the audience, and asked, “Is that lady Maude?”  She was referring to the inimitable Beatrice Arthur.

The lady wasn’t Bea Arthur, but take a look at what happened next!


6 thoughts on “A Carol Burnett Show Classic: “Is That Lady Maude?”

  1. I was in the audience for the taping when this happened. It was a set-up between the singer and a friend of hers who came to the taping with her. Anyway, here’s the inside scoop. Some weeks the shows ran long so no Q & A’s aired even though they were filmed as the warm-up. Carol had to wear the same green dress for four tapings until they had a short show. By the fourth taping, Carol finally explained to the audience that she had worn the dress for the three previous tapings. In the end, the piece was fabulous and Carol got a real kick out of the whole thing.


  2. I’m in the very first audience clip. I’m wearing a white sweater and white slacks. The lady to my right is wearing black. I was at every taping, some with friends and some without. I think I’m in a few other clips in this montage, but don’t have time to go back and look. All very good memories with the Clown Princess of Comedy. Carol’s friend Lucy was the Queen.


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