“Carrie & Me” by Carol Burnett

CARRIE & ME by Carol Burnett

CARRIE & ME by Carol Burnett

Here’s a book for all of the Carol Burnett fans out there who land on my blog daily to see some of the little clips I love to upload from her show. “CARRIE & ME: A Mother-Daughter Love Story” is Carol Burnett’s tribute to her radiant, talented daughter, Carrie Hamilton. If you’re old enough, you may remember Carrie from the TV show FAME. She played Reggie. She had a smile so bright that it could have powered an entire city.

The world lost Carrie too early, in 2002. She had been working on a television movie before she died. I hope some day a production company decides to go ahead with the movie. If a bright light like Carrie wrote it then people would love it!

Needless to say, I highly recommend the book.

Take a look at Carol Burnett, appearing with Carrie Hamilton, on an episode of FAME, singing “A Couple of Swells” – and enjoy!


One thought on ““Carrie & Me” by Carol Burnett

  1. Jett says:

    Actually, I was thinking they did do a movie of this at some point although I think it was for tv so it probably wouldn’t be on dvd or anything. But I might be wrong about that.


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