You Tell ‘Em, Pope Francis!


Best Pope EVER!!!!!!!!

Best Pope EVER!!!!!!!!

A hearty BRAVO to the incredible, wonderful, fabulous, absolutely splendiferous Pope Francis!  He has not only taken a stand against the folly of “legalizing drugs,” but has also ex-communicated the Mafia for their criminal actions.  He called both drug legalization and Mafia violence evil.  This is a fantastic development – and long overdue.

We’ve got a Pope who has something I thought no longer existed: COMMON SENSE!  He’s also restoring people’s pride in being Catholic.

Still, a few folks I know of are very concerned about him.  “He better watch his butt,” my father’s Italian barber told him recently.  “There are those who aren’t going to put up with comments like that.”

To that I say, tough on those who don’t like the comments.  The Pope is correct, whether members of certain nefarious contingents like hearing about it or not.  The pro-drug people, in particular, have made too much noise for too long anyway.  It’s time someone with a level head started drowning them out.

Let’s hope America winds up with a few national leaders who are equally unafraid to stand up and speak the truth, rather than going along with ludicrousness to appease those with loud mouths and empty heads.  I hope this Pope is starting a nice new positive trend!  As they say in the show GYPSY, “Sing out!”

Again: BRAVO!




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