Boycott Zara!

Zara's first designer mistake: their Swastika purse from 2007

Zara’s first designer mistake: their Swastika purse from 2007

Warning: this unfolding fashion story is absolutely bizarre.

In 2007, clothing chain Zara made their first designer mistake when they sold purses with swastikas on them.  Take a look.  The photo is above.

The Zara powers that be claimed that when they saw the prototype of the purse in a photograph and agreed to sell it, the swastika “wasn’t visible.”  I could almost believe that line, considering that maybe, perhaps, it might have been an oversight, which can happen sometimes, sure – except for the fact that when the offending purses arrived in the stores, their having a bright green swastika glaring on them would be a little hard to miss.

It gets crazier and worse.

Now they have a new offensive item.  This one is almost unbelievable, surreal, impossible – but now, they began selling striped blue-and-white pajama shirts with six-pointed yellow stars, to children, yet, that are evocative of concentration camp uniforms.

It would be one matter if this Zara company had made just the first outrageous mistake by selling the Nazi purse, but now they’ve manufactured Nazi pajamas, complete with yellow stars.  They claim the star was supposed to be a sheriff’s star, not a Star of David, as was de rigeur on the outfits of the Jewish inmates in places like Auschwitz.  Get real, though, Zara!  Where, exactly, did any sheriff ever wear a striped shirt?  Any striped shirt – let alone one in the full Nazi prison garb blue-white-and-yellow palette?  This is insanity!

Who, exactly, is running Zara?  What’s their agenda?  What kind of financing do they have?  Whose money is behind this store with their Third Reich fashion blunders?

Are they even, truly, “blunders?”

Doesn’t it make you wonder?

Boycott Zara!




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