Book Recommendation: CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES CHANGE YOUR LIFE by George Brescia

CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES CHANGE YOUR LIFE is a fabulous new fashion book by stylist George Brescia.  Go for it!

CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES CHANGE YOUR LIFE is a fabulous new fashion book by stylist George Brescia. Go for it!

Here is a fashion book that ought to be required reading for females everywhere!  CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES CHANGE YOUR LIFE by George Brescia is, simply put, fabulous and I cannot recommend it enough!

My view of fashion was altered forever within reading the very first few pages of this great little tome – when George Brescia said that the goal in getting dressed should be to create “a harmonious outfit.”  Think about it: the best outfits really and truly look harmonious, blended, and one glance and you know the elements of it are “together,”  whether you consciously realize why you feel that way or not.  Call to mind your favorite glamour shot of a celebrity in a movie and it’s almost certainly one in which all parts of her outfit fit into a beautiful whole.

Fortunately I’ve always had a nice way of putting pretty colors together in outfits – all of my friends always say so – but this book still gave me new additional tips about enhancing the whole of the ensemble.  More is involved than just matching up the best colors.  There’s the accessories, too, the shoes, the jewelry, the scarf, even the shade of the purse that you carry.  Currently, mine is a beautiful shade of orange.  Lovely with most of my outfits, yes.  Hideous, I’ll admit, with a few of the others.  George recommends a neutral color for a purse.  George has got that right!  Meanwhile, if I put a with a touch of orange or peach in it while wearing an outfit that matches everything except that lovely but vivid purse, it can help pull it all together!

That one little line about creating a harmonious outfit not only gave me whole new ideas about how to put outfits together, but also gave me a new outlook required to have a grand old time while commuting on the bus.  Just looking around me suddenly became an education – and a hoot!  The best outfits were, indeed, harmonious.  Decent colors, proportional sizes to the women’s bodies, lovely accessories, lots of subtle enhancements.  As for the worst outfits – oh, my goodness!  The line of sight of the outfits didn’t work, the colors clashed, one peasant top, with a midriff, yet, didn’t match the sleek line of the skirt of the wearer’s bottom, another gal was obviously wearing an ensemble two sizes too small, which revealed some attributes that would have been infinitely better hidden  – well, you get the general idea!  Reading this book changed the way I see everybody’s outfits.

You’ll love this book.  By all means, give it a whirl!

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