THE IMPERSONATOR and SILENT MURDERS by the Fabulous Mary Miley

THE IMPERSONATOR by Mary Miley, the first book in a great new series!

THE IMPERSONATOR by Mary Miley, the first book in a great new series!

It is my pleasure to recommend a brand new mystery series to any and all people who love the genre – and, in particular, are fascinated by Vaudeville and the silent movie era.

Author Mary Miley has come up with an astonishing new heroine, real name Leah, who was “born in a trunk” to a mother who performed in Vaudeville.  Leah’s name changes with the characters she plays.  In THE IMPERSONATOR, set in the 1920’s, she is asked by a rogue to impersonate his long-lost niece, Jessie, who just happens to be an heiress and due to inherit a fortune.  It is not until she is completely down on her luck and wondering if she’ll have to work in a whorehouse that the girl agrees to go along with the scam…

Yet the newly-minted “Jessie” is not, herself, a criminal.  This is a young woman with a good heart and a conscience, despite her temporary lapse in judgement in taking on the impersonation gig.  She vows to find out what happened to the real Jessie while she goes through with the charade of the impersonation, staying at the fine house on the Oregon coast from which the girl disappeared at the age of 13.  Everyone is in for quite a lot of surprises and revelations, including “Jessie” herself.  I’ll say no more since I never like to spoil the fun when recommending a book, except that this one is chock full of wonderful Vaudeville and Prohibition-era moments that will leave anyone interested in the time period begging for more.

The second book in the series has Jessie (she keeps the name) in Hollywood, a mecca for Vaudeville performers, where she gets a chance to start over working behind-the-scenes with Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford.  Corpses are dropping like flies after a Hollywood party, and Jessie finds herself in the thick of another case which she resolves to solve.  The book tells quite a tale of the actual goings-on at the studio as opposed to what the newspapers are told about them.  That’s something I’ve always found delicious about Hollywood history: that the truth may be over here, but the reports of it may be in a whole other direction…

I highly recommend both of these books and cannot wait for the next one in the series to appear!

The second book in the series: SILENT MURDERS.  1920's Hollywood fun!

The second book in the series: SILENT MURDERS. 1920’s Hollywood fun!


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