Bill Cosby is Not “Dr. Huxtable”

One of the many memes circulating on the Internet about Bill Cosby's activities off-camera.

One of the many memes circulating on the Internet about Bill Cosby’s activities off-camera.

The Latest news regarding actor Bill Cosby is downright heinous: fifteen woman have reported he drugged them then raped them. Fifteen women!  That’s atrocious!  Worse, they were not believed when they tried to raise the alarm about him.  After all, people reasoned, Cosby played the beloved “Dr. Huxtable” on television, so the man he portrayed “is him.”  How far gone can some people be?

Fifteen women all recounting the same criminal events being perpetrated by the same man is almost certainly not a coincidence.  Videos have also surfaced of him making jokes about drugging women, which now no longer look funny – if indeed they ever did, which, by the way, is doubtful.  Who’d laugh at that?  That was the first red flag where the man is concerned, and now there are fifteen more.  Furthermore, he paid one of them off, which says volumes.  Innocent men don’t pay off their accusers.

This Cosby needs to be investigated and fast, without further delay, before he has a chance to victimize anyone else.  The behavior of members of his staff also, most certainly, is crying out to be looked into, since it’s becoming apparent that quite a few of them knew what was happening and were complicit in it.  I was once acquainted with one of his staff members.  She was scary.  She emitted a weird vibe, of something wrong boiling under the surface, and I just did not like her without fully understanding why.  Maybe the stories that are now finally being reported about Cosby explains part of the reason why she put me on the alert whenever she came near me.

Did she know what was going on?  If she did, how does she live with herself?

Cosby apparently played quite a mind-game on these fifteen women.  He put himself across as their “mentor.”  I know of quite a lot of instances in the entertainment world where young people, fresh off the Greyhound, believe that anyone and everyone “in the industry” could help their careers.  Most couldn’t.  Most weren’t really even in a position to help anyone else get ahead; ha, had they been, they would have advanced further themselves.  I always tell people who want to come to New York to become actors: never, ever look at some mid-level manager or acting coach as if they’re going to help you when they themselves are stuck in such unimpressive positions.

Cosby, however, really was in a position to help newcomers get ahead – and allegedly abused the hell out of it.  It can’t possibly get much worse than that, unless, of course, more girls come forward and the victim tally increases.

What I find ultra-disturbing about this story is the lack of belief these poor women were met with when they tried to obtain justice. Wake up, World: sitcom actors are not the little characters they play on television! Why is such a concept still so hard for people to comprehend?

Actors recite lines that other people wrote.  They play characters, and “play” is the operative word there. Yes, we all have favorites among them, but come on! Anyone with a modicum of basic acting training can stand up and play some character, but that doesn’t make the actor morph into the character.  Who cares what kind of fictional character this guy played on television?

Do people believe Bill Cosby has a medical degree just because he played “Dr. Huxtable” too?  Do you think Bill Cosby really and truly treated patients?  Would you go to Bill Cosby to have your appendix taken out?  The very idea is beyond ridiculous!

While it’s a shame if these rape allegations are bursting the bubbles of those naive people who wanted to believe this man was as wholesome as the show he put on television during the 1980’s, it’s a bubble, folks, it’s not reality.  There is no difference to me between an actor hiding behind a television character he played to get away with rape and a clergyman hiding behind his office to get away with rape. Rape, ladies and gentlemen, is rape, and those who commit it are, first and foremost, rapists.

A role such as “Dr. Huxtable” is almost as perfect a disguise to allow such a man to fly under the radar as a clergyman’s collar.  I do hope that, as a society, we do not allow this one to get away with it any further. Fifteen women all telling the exact same rape story is fifteen too many, and more than enough.

If these allegations can be proven, Bill Cosby needs to be put away.





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