Big Eyes

The new movie about an art fraud: BIG EYES!

The new movie about an art fraud: BIG EYES!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to see the movie BIG EYES.

Amy Adams stars as Margaret Keane, the artist who created an extremely popular and lucrative series of paintings of huge-eyed waifs.  However, it’s her new husband, Walter Keane, played by Christopher Waltz, who claims he’s the artist…

The movie starts off rather slowly, but it takes off like a rocket and all but soars.  I will say nothing more specific about the plot because I don’t want to spoil anything for those who want to see it and it contains some great surprises.

Waltz and Adams are beyond terrific in their roles, which are a glorious study in contrasts, with one playing a character of fire (in more ways than one) and the other of restrained ice.  I’ve already said that I’m rooting for cast members from SELMA and UNBROKEN to receive Oscar nominations.  To that list, I’m definitely adding Amy Adams and Christopher Waltz!  I can hardly wait until January 15th when the nominations are finally announced.

Treat yourselves: get out there and go see BIG EYES!


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