WILD the Movie

Reese Witherspoon in WILD.

Reese Witherspoon in WILD.

The movie WILD has some of the best scenery I’ve seen to date in a film.  It’s also got the worst script of any movie I’ve seen in a good long time, and hey, I go to the movies just about every weekend.

Reese Witherspoon plays Cheryl Strayed, a woman who is devastated by the death of her mother to the point that she goes down the usual self-destructive path of drugs, alcohol, and sex with the wrong kind of men.  Ho hum.  Since her relationship with her fey mother seems disjointed in the first place, Cheryl’s meltdown does not make too much sense in terms of a cause-and-effect.  It doesn’t help that most of the story of her relationships are all told in flashback, interspersed with her time walking the Pacific Trail.

The trail scenes also don’t make too much sense, again because of the holes in the script.  Cheryl doesn’t seem to be growing on the trail.  She’s just going from one place to another.  When she meets with danger, you’ve got to wonder just what the heck she’s doing on a trail that was bound to lead to it in the first place.

On the plus side, there are a lot of very cute guys in this movie!

I give Reese Witherspoon credit for trying to rise above such a horrible script, but I wish I’d re-seen BIG EYES rather than having gone to this particular show.


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