The Stephen Sorrentino Show at Iridium

Randy Jones of The Village People, Stephen Sorrentino, and Me at Iridium.  Stephen Sorrentino's show is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Randy Jones of The Village People, Stephen Sorrentino, and Me at Iridium. Stephen Sorrentino’s show is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Ever see a performer for the very first time and know, at once, that he’s going to be one of your favorite entertainers forevermore?  That’s exactly how I felt tonight as I had the pleasure of seeing a show at Iridium called “STEPHEN SORRENTINO: Voices in My Head!”

Today was a day where I already had reason to celebrate before I ever got to the show.  Last week I went on a terrific job interview.  Today I found out I got the job!  I was in the therefore mood for a very fun evening and happy my friend Richard Skipper had invited me to Stephen’s show.

Stephen Sorrentino delivered fun in abundance!  The “Voices in My Head” part of the show’s title refers to Stephen’s ability to imitate the songs and patter of anybody and everybody – and he does!  This man has hundreds of voices in his head, among them Elton John, Sonny and Cher, Joe Cocker, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dolly Party, Frankie Valli, The Doors, Willie Nelson, Pavarotti, and last but certainly not least, his Aunt Mary from Long Island.

What makes the show so much fun is not only Stephen’s ability to sound like scores of other performers but the way he presents them all, with an irreverent twinkle in his eye.  Some of the imitations were enhanced with costumes that, well, had to be seen to be believed.  Stephen is up there on the stage for about an hour and a half, doing a staggering amount of work, but making it look like he’s having just as much fun as the audience – and we were on our feet and cheering by the end of this fantastic night.

He had quite a turnout, too.  Lin Tucci from Orange Is The New Black, Peggy Eason, and Jerry Costanzo were in the audience.  So were my friends Elli the King of Broadway and Brad Naprixas, who was chosen to do an improv with Stephen that was uproarious.  Keep an eye out for that name, Brad Naprixas!

Stephen usually performs in the vicinity of Las Vegas with Debbie Reynolds so it was a real treat to see him in New York City.  I already can’t wait until the show comes back this way again.

Take a look at this clip of the show – and you’ll get a glimpse of  why I loved it so.  If Stephen Sorrentino performs anywhere near you, by all means, get a ticket!


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