Carole Lombard: Full Movies!

Carole Lombard, whose spirit never dies.  BRAVA!

Carole Lombard, whose star never fades. BRAVA, Carole!

Here’s a treat for all of the Carole Lombard fans out there – and I know there are quite a lot of you.  The most popular posts on my blog are always the ones that mention the incomparable Carole.  Not bad for a lady who was born in 1906 and died in 1942!

Stories of Carole enchanted me when I first heard of her as a teen.  She was discovered at age 12 when her next-door neighbor saw her playing in the street.  Her real name was Jane Alice Peters, a perfectly pretty name, if you ask me, but one that didn’t have enough “glamour” in those days for Hollywood.  She consulted a numerologist and changed it to Carole Lombard.

So I went on YouTube and ran a search to see if there were any full Carole Lombard movies available for viewing online.  There are – in fact, it turns out that there are full Carole Lombard movies over there in abundance!  This, I have a feeling, will make quite a lot of people’s day.  Take your pick and by all means enjoy!

The Campus Carmen (1929) – Rare Silent Mack Sennett Comedy:

High Voltage (1929) with William Boyd:

The Racketeer (1929) with Robert Armstrong:

My Man Godfrey (1936) with William Powell, her first husband:

Nothing Sacred (1937) with Frederic March:

Swing High, Swing Low (1937) with Fred MacMurray:

Made for Each Other (1939) with James Stewart:



4 thoughts on “Carole Lombard: Full Movies!

  1. Actually, Lombard was born in 1908, not 1906, but you’re right about her enduring popularity. I maintain much of it stems not only from Carole’s superb acting ability, but her personality and comportment. There is a timelessness about Lombard; unlike many other Hollywood legends, she “speaks” to people today (particularly women). She’ll always be modern.

    And while I’m certain you’re aware of my site, let me publicize it to those who may not be aware. I’ve run Carole & Co. for more than 7 1/2 years and 2,900+ entries. We run an entry nearly every day, normally focusing on Carole Lombard’s life and times, people she knew and worked with, and other things pertaining to classic Hollywood or entertainment in general. (I moved to Los Angeles last year and love it.) I cordially invite your readers to check us out at


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