The Incredible – but Inedible – Egg

The incredible egg from Holland owned by author Johanna Reiss

The incredible egg from Holland owned by author Johanna Reiss.  Her sister Rachel, now 97, crocheted the doily.

Take a look at this egg.

It comes from Holland and was given to author Johanna Reiss as a gift.

When I visited Johanna the other day she asked me if I would like to see a crazy experiment to see if this egg, which is decorated like Dutch Delft porcelain, was capable of doing what it was supposed to when it was put into a pot of boiling water alongside of a real egg.

“Sure!  What’s it supposed to do?”  I asked.

“It should play a song when the egg is ready,” Johanna said.

“What song, the Dutch national anthem?” I joked.

Well, imagine my shock when Johanna said, “Yes!”

She put that egg into the water and sure enough, it played the Dutch national anthem and more.  There was one song timed to play when a soft-boiled egg was ready, another – the anthem – for a hard-boiled one, and also a third, for I’m not sure what.

That egg is hilarious.

Johanna Reiss, who wrote The Upstairs Room about her experiences as a child in hiding in Holland during the Second World War, has finished a new book.  It’s called Beyond Hiding: My Sisters and I.  It was all miraculous that Johanna and both of her sisters, Rachel and Sini, survived the war, as did their father, Ies.  They were the largest family group to come back to their hometown of Winterswijk after their country was liberated in 1945 – but that’s the beginning of another story…

Stay tuned for more about Johanna’s upcoming book.

Now where can I get a singing Dutch egg?


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