The Best Tweet of the Oscars

Sean Penn at the Oscars.

Sean Penn at the Oscars.

If there was an Oscar Award for Biggest Jerk at the Academy Awards Ceremony, Sean Penn would win it, hands down.

In case you haven’t heard, since it’s all over the media today, Penn was the presenter who announced the nominees for Best Director.  When Alejandro Inarritu, who hails from Mexico, won for BIRDMAN, Penn said, with staggering inappropriateness, “Who gave this son of a bitch a Green Card?”

Son of a bitch?  First and foremost, how could anybody say that to the winner of an Academy Award?

Second, what a vile reference that Green Card remark was to the fact that Inarritu is originally from Mexico!  If Penn believed saying such a thing would raise awareness on illegal aliens, it was too vile a comment to be taken seriously.  What kind of actor doesn’t know that presentation is everything?

Apparently Penn and Inarritu are “friends” and make jokes like these to one another quite a lot.  If that is truly the case, unless Penn lives under a rock, which I’m beginning to think may indeed be the case, surely he must have realized these kinds of private jokes wouldn’t fly in front of a general public that had no previous knowledge of them.  Beyond that, with a “friend” like Penn, Inarritu will never need enemies.

The Twitterverse lit up with Tweets in response to the insensitive Sean Penn remark, of course. Way to go, Twitter!  One of the best comments came from a fellow Brooklynite, Jermaine Spradley.  He expressed a sentiment that I’ve long felt.  Jermaine said:

“That ‘Green Card’ quip was microcosmic of everything everyone hates about privileged folk who adopt the struggles of underprivileged folk.”

If Oscar nominations were given for Best Tweet, I’d vote for Jermaine Spradley’s!  BRAVO!



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