Splendiferous Artwork by Sheila Smith

TWO UMBRELLAS by Artist Sheila Smith

TWO UMBRELLAS by Artist Sheila Smith

If you want to see some very cool digital artwork, have I got an artist for you!

Sheila Smith’s first camera was a Brownie.  She’s still taking photographs, but now she digitally enhances them, with the subjects becoming hauntingly magical.  The one above is called TWO UMBRELLAS.  Sheila is a native New Yorker, and that one was taken in Union Square.

Here’s another New York City beauty:

NEW YORK CITY SNOW by Sheila Smith

NEW YORK CITY SNOW from the SNOW SERIES by Sheila Smith

This year we’ve had plenty of snow in New York City for Sheila to use as creative material!  Note the subway entrance.

And here is yet one more, TRAIN APPROACHING, from the Subway Series that she’s working on:



Every one of these enhanced images is not only visually gorgeous but, to New Yorkers, they can immediately invoke the feeling of our city.  The lights reflecting on the rain-soaked streets, the feel of the wind during the snow, and the steely palette of our gritty subway system are all instantly recognizable to those of us who live here – and would also easily speak to anyone who’s a New Yorker at heart.

Sheila has plenty of other subjects in addition to her photos of the city.  Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries, most recently at Viridian and National Artists Club.  You can find Sheila, and more examples of her work, at www.sheilasmithimages.com, take a look, and enjoy!  


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