Crocuses Rising!

Crocuses rising!

Crocuses rising!

I was beginning to think they’d never hit the surface.

This was one very long and freezing-cold winter.  It may be the First of April today but I doubt it’s over yet. Last night, here in Brooklyn, there was more freezing rain, which left  a lot of black ice “souvenirs” for us all this morning, while in New Jersey, I hear it snowed.

I’m in more layers than a cake.  I like dresses and skirts,  but I’ve been wearing slacks with leggings under them since January.  I usually leave the house in two blouses, always including a Japanese heat technology blouse from Uniqlo first, then a sweater, a scarf and a Uniqlo down coat.  I wore my snow boots out from over-use and couldn’t find any left in the stores to replace them.  Most days I’ve also been in two pairs of socks, often three.  Still, I freeze.

In this part of the country, we usually see crocuses, the first sign of Spring, in about mid-February.  They pop up not long after Valentine’s day, often right through the snow, and are a welcome sight.  They always bloomed around then, from what I’ve observed.  Not this year, though!  I thought they were supposed to get here long before the Spring Equinox, as they usually do, but it happened way back on March 20 and they still didn’t show up.

This endless Arctic winter hasn’t yielded any signs of life in the local flora.  Believe me, I’ve been looking for some.  I’ve been on this very long, daily, never-ending, to-no-avail, unofficial Crocus Hunt since the beginning of March.  They were already overdue then.

There has been nary a bud…until this week.

Everything’s finally coming up CROCUSES!



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