Quentin Letts: Biggest Twit of 2015!

Angela Lansbury looking spectacular, as always, at the Olivier Awards

Angela Lansbury looking spectacular, as always, at the Olivier Awards

Bravo to all those members of the Twitterverse who Tweeted regarding a vile Daily Mail reporter from the UK called Quentin Letts.  Letts got hammered on the social media platform in response to his unfair and ultra-vicious comments about Angela Lansbury.  He deserves it.  The comments are beyond the pale.  I won’t repeat what he said here, except to say this Letts is obviously a bully, and probably one of the jealous or unfulfilled variety.

I don’t read the Daily Mail – thank goodness, since if it published what Letts wrote, it isn’t overloaded with ethics.

I have never heard of this Quentin Letts character, who doesn’t seem to possess one shred of the best quality a human can have – namely, generosity of spirit – until this morning.

However, Angela Lansbury’s name is a household word.

Your name isn’t, Quentin Letts – but hers is.

Angela Lansbury has been entertaining the world since 1944.  She nails every role she gets.  Her “Madame Arcati” in Blithe Spirit is one of the funniest performances I’ve ever seen, and let me tell you, her “Rose” in Gypsy back in 1974 was one I’ve never, ever forgotten.  She deserved that Olivier Award, and I think that, at nearly 90, the fact she’s still working and doing such a great job should be regarded as an inspiration to everyone.

So again, Bravo to the Twitters! 

As for Quentin Letts, clearly, he’s merely a Twit.



2 thoughts on “Quentin Letts: Biggest Twit of 2015!

    • This was worse than criticism. The man made comments that, were one child to say there to another at a school, he’d have been an expelled for bullying and sent for psychiatric evaluation besides. I think those who make such remarks about celebrities just can’t handle it that they themselves will never reach the same level of fame.


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