Welcome to the World, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!


Here she is, world: the new Princess of Cambridge, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!

I must admit, I was hoping Diana would be her first name, not the second middle one.  Still, for Diana to be a part of her name is just plain splendiferously wonderful!  Something has been restored to all those people everywhere today who loved, and were inspired by, her stunning grandmother.

I hope she will grow up to be a lot like her grandmother Diana, with all the charm and radiance of the Princess we all lost far too soon.  I remember Diana’s work to stop land mines.  How many members of the royal family would even have thought of the danger of land mines, let alone campaigned to have them stopped?  Princess Diana was like that, though, going in where others might have feared to tread, and doing her best to improve whatever she could.  This new child’s third name is in honor of a true class act, and one that’s genuinely been missed.

You’re royally beautiful already, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  Welcome to the World!

Gone but never forgotten: Diana, Princess of Hearts.

Gone but never forgotten: Diana, Princess of Hearts.


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