Meghan Trainor: Enhancing & Even Saving Lives with a Song!

I’ve enjoyed Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” the moment I first heard it, and liked it for the upbeat melody alone.  Initially I wasn’t paying too much attention to the lyrics.  It got downloaded right onto my iPod.

Last week I chanced upon some wonderful articles on the Internet about it.  “All About That Bass” refers to the fact that Meghan has “more to love” in the booty department and a bit less up on top.  It’s a celebration of being a bit heftier than a size 2.

Parents have contacted Meghan Trainor to say that she’s saved their children’s lives!  Kids who were fat, hated themselves for it, and became suicidal are turning their attitudes around because of this terrific tune.

I grew up a skinny kid who wasn’t much interested in eating –  but had several extremely overweight friends.  I often wonder how some of them are doing now.  One child was morbidly obese even in the fourth grade, more than double the weight of the rest of us when the school nurse weighed the class.  Aside from the obvious, that this situation was highly dangerous to the health of those kids, I saw what they went through as other kids mocked them relentlessly for their figures – and how horrifically they beat themselves up mentally over this, too.  I’ve often wondered which was worse, the sticks and stones, or their own negative self-talk.

I think Meghan Trainor and Kevin Kadish, with whom she wrote this great song, and all those involved with it, deserve some kind of a Medal of Honor for having done so much to restore the self-image of such children.  BRAVO!

Keep writing, Meghan and Kevin!



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