Find Those Escapees!

What a group!  Escaped killers Richard Matt, David Sweat, and the world's dumbest accomplice Joyce Mitchell.

What a group! Escaped killers Richard Matt, David Sweat, and busted accomplice Joyce Mitchell.

The bizarre story about prison escapees Richard Matt, David Sweat, and their prison supervisor accomplice gets wackier by the minute.

Matt and Sweat have been on the run for over a week from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, in what I have to admit is the best real-life prison break story I can ever remember.  They even left a Happy Face note that said, “Have a nice day,” knowing full well the prison guards would blanch when they saw it.

My friend Maija, who’s like my big sister, said the minute she heard about that Happy Face, she thought of me and burst out laughing.  “It’s exactly what you would have done, if you’d been in a jail and broke out.”

We certainly don’t need two killers running around loose, but the way they got out of there is nevertheless ingenious.  “Somebody” arranged for them to have access to the power tools that they used to cut through a pipe and, apparently, crawl or slide out of the prison, and who did it turn out to be?  Their prison tailor workshop supervisor Joyce Mitchell.  She got busted for it almost immediately and is in jail, in shackles, an inmate now herself.

The two killers who sweet-talked her into helping them break out are nowhere to be found.  The prison in question is near the Canadian border, the Vermont border, rivers, and lakes.  They could be absolutely anywhere, which makes the story ever more intriguing, and annoying, to the public.

It seems to me their best bet to get their wanted butts clear out of the area might possibly have involved a sail on a liberated little boat.  That’s what I would have aimed for, if I had been them, anyway.  A getaway on the water wouldn’t leave as much of a trace as one on land…

The latest info to come to light about all this is that the stony-faced Mitchell, who, by the way, is a grandmother, somehow – allegedly – managed to have affairs with both of these killers while they were inside the prison.  She wasn’t dismissed after the first affair came to light when another inmate reported her, which was the jail’s first mistake.

No, second.  Hiring her was their first.

The Joyce fool was in this up to her neck.  She was even supposed to drive the getaway car, but chickened out of that part of the plan at the last moment.  She went to the Emergency Room with “an anxiety attack” rather than meet the escapees at the designated pick-up spot, which wasn’t a bad plan.  Witnesses could therefore place her in the ER when the escape was all going down.

Still, too little, too late, Joyce!  She got nabbed anyway.

Meanwhile, I’m a New York state taxpayer and found out yesterday that the search for Matt and Sweat is costing law enforcement One Million Dollars per day.  This is out of control.

Get those escapees back!

Have a Nice Day!

Have a Nice Day!


2 thoughts on “Find Those Escapees!

  1. When I first heard about this I turned to my husband and said, “Watch. The story will change and she will claim she helped them because they threatened her family. She’ll say they told her someone on the outside would kill her family if she refused to cooperate.” Guess what? The latest story from her lawyer says they threatened to kill her husband. Maybe I should have been a lawyer. 🙂


    • WOW! I’ve not heard any news broadcasts this morning but this is as outrageous as everything else about the whole nutty case! Of COURSE she’s claiming they threatened her. That’s ridiculous in terms of logically, though, since why would they want to stop to murder her husband if they were planning on being on the run?


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