My Kind of Music: Lester Lanin & His Orchestra!

The Lester Lanin Band.  Those were the days!

The Lester Lanin Band. Those were the days!

Want to hear the kind of music I was raised on back in the early 1960’s?  The rest of the world may have been rocking and rolling, but at the Quinn house, we had a lot of fun with records like this one. Here’s my family’s favorite bandleader, Lester Lanin & His Orchestra, leading his band in a medley beginning with the Cole Porter standard, “De-Lovely.”  “The Charleston” is on this video, too, and more.

Lanin, born in Philadelphia, was the child of Russian immigrants.  His band became so popular after he was hired to play for heiress Barbara Hutton in 1930 that their popularity rose to the point he was asked to play for royalty.  I always love to hear a nice, positive, good old American success story, and Lester Lanin’s definitely qualifies.

So here’s a little sampling of his fine music for you to enjoy.   I always loved these numbers, all of which my family had on records.  My earliest memories all involve the music of the one, the only, Lester Lanin:



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