Coming soon to theaters everywhere: HE NAMED ME MALALA

Coming soon to theaters everywhere: HE NAMED ME MALALA

I saw the movie HE NAMED ME MALALA yesterday and it’s a joy to write this blog post to recommend it.

Malala Yousafzai, as I’m sure you know, is the teenage girl who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014…after being shot by the Taliban for attempting to exercise freedom of speech by advocating on behalf of education for girls.  The fearless girl was 15 years old when it happened.  She was shot in the head, and it’s a miracle that she’s still not only with us, but going strong.

You can get to know the child behind the headlines in this documentary and she’s as refreshing as a beam of the sun.  I was so impressed to see that, rather than lament her fate after experiencing so many injuries in an act of hostility, Malala laughs them off as unimportant.  She doesn’t dwell on what happened.  In fact, she flat-out refuses to answer the interviewer’s questions about the attack.

Current American culture is overrun with endless moaners who glory in making dramas over the slightest small-time molehill, so wow!  This child was the target of a major incident, a hate crime, and there she is, on the screen, dismissing it and laughing it off.  BRAVO, MALALA!



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