Want to Read a Page-Turning Thriller?

RED NOTICE by Bill Browder: I can't put it down!

RED NOTICE by Bill Browder: I can’t put it down!

If you want to read a page-turner that’s as riveting as a fictitious mystery, I highly recommend RED NOTICE by Bill Browder.

This is a true story about Bill Browder’s savvy business moves in Russia…and what happens when a good guy gets on the wrong side of bad people, post-Soviet-style.

What I especially like about it is the author’s descriptions of some of the hideous places where he worked prior to starting his own firm.  Bill Browder doesn’t gloss anything over.  The high-finance characters he deals with are as funny as they are oddly fascinating.

The book is so well-written that it even explains high stakes finance in a way that someone like me can understand it.  This made me wish I’d majored in business or finance.  Hey, it’s never too late to learn more about both!



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