Take Action & Help the Hungry: Mary’s Meals!

Mary's Meals is feeding hungry children in countries all over the world!

Mary’s Meals is feeding hungry children in countries all over the world!

Tonight I found out about a charitable organization that put an instant smile on my face and is bound to inspire one  to land on yours, too.

Mary’s Meals is its name, and its mission is stunningly simple yet effective: the group sponsors one healthy, vitamin-fortified meal a day for impoverished children to enjoy at school.

It’s not only fighting hunger.

It’s not only creating healthier children in Third World countries.

It’s also inspiring the children to attend school.

It’s even inspiring parents of girls, whose education is considered a waste of time in many cultures, to send their daughters to school so they can get something to eat.

Mary’s Meals is, in other words, changing the world, one child with a full belly at a time.

To make matters even more fabulous, the organization can feed a child for a year – for the mere sum of $19.50!  That’s less than it will cost me when I go to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to pick up the book , The Shed That Fed A Million Children, written by Mary Meals’ founder, Mangus MacFarlane-Barrows of Scotland.  He started the organization many years ago, in a shed in his parents’ backyard, where he was gathering supplies to help children in Bosnia.  But good ideas sometimes take off like rockets, and MacFarlane-Barrows soon found himself leading a global organization.  They utilize locally grown food and companies in every country they serve, which helps their economy, in addition to enhancing the lives of their children.

Mary’s Meals was named in honor of the Virgin Mary – who raised her son in poverty.  Yet this is not a religious organization.  They don’t try to proselytize or convert the kids, just fulfill the need for them to get fed.  The children’s religions don’t matter.  This is an organization for them all!

Here is a video, called CHILD 31, about Mary’s Meals, which I’ve watched twice so far and am about to view again.  So many times I’ve seen videos about children in Third World countries who are starving and sobbing with hunger.  There are several of those in this video, too, but with a difference: those are like the “before” images.  What I absolutely love about this video is seeing how healthy the children depicted in the schools that are served by the organization look after they’re getting their “daily bread.”  Enjoy!  And please consider joining me in supporting Mary’s Meals, too.


Isn't it wonderful to see all of these little ones from Third World countries looking so HEALTHY?

Isn’t it wonderful to see all of these little ones from a Third World country looking so HEALTHY?


4 thoughts on “Take Action & Help the Hungry: Mary’s Meals!

  1. So grateful you posted this Carolyn. Will definitely donate. Never heard of this organization before. What a God send and what truly beautiful human beings they are. God must be in his Heaven smiling. Sue D.


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