Clothing Stores Need Mirrors

The lady who was hogging the mirror looked a lot like this!

The lady who was hogging the mirror looked a lot like this!

Has anyone else noticed the very strange trend in New York City clothing stores these days where it’s practically a miracle if you can find a mirror?

I don’t get it.  Clothing stores ought to require mirrors.  Everybody isn’t into going to the dressing room to try on clothes.  If you know the size will fit, it’s easier to just hold the item on its hanger up in front of your reflection in the mirror and, if the color and/or style looks great, then purchase it.  Period.  Easy, schmeasy.

Lately, though, finding the amenity of a mirror in a clothing store can seem more like going on a hunt.  There’s a dearth of mirrors in the two outlets near my house in Brooklyn, in JC Penney in the Manhattan Mall, and, I discovered tonight, in Burlington Coat Factory on Sixth Avenue and 22nd Street.

The third floor of that particular Burlington seems to primarily contain coats, so that makes this mirror shortage even more bizarre to me.  Coat purchasers don’t usually bring the coats they want to try on into a dressing room since there’s no need to undress.  It’s all done in front of the mirror.

If you can find it.

Tonight, after walking around all over the floor, I finally uncovered a mirror, an event that made me feel like it was worthy of a prize.

Unfortunately a woman had found it before me.

She was big.


And wide.

Easily almost as wide as the mirror.

And relentless in the way she was trying on coats.

First she’d strut this way, frowning.  Then that.  Then the other.

She’d look at herself with her collar up, her collar down, her belt tied this way, her belt tied that.  Front view, side view, rear view – of everything.  Twist.  Turn.  Repeat.  And repeat.

This was not a polite woman.  She reminded me of Ursula the octopus from The Little Mermaid, but without the charm.  She wouldn’t get her massive visage out of the way to let anyone else have a turn in front of that glass.  Oh, no.  There were four of us waiting to try on coats and we couldn’t get near that mirror.  It’s not her boudoir, it’s a public store.

The martinet finally realized we were waiting, but still she wouldn’t stop strutting her stuff in front of the glass pane.  “There is other mirror on other side of floor!” she barked at us, pointing, the human personification of a frownie face.  “Go there!  Other mirror!”

She didn’t want to move her huge strutting rump so we should go on the other side of the floor?!!!

Well, we all started laughing.  “You just have to laugh at a situation like this,” one lady said to me, shaking her head.

“She’s telling us to move when she won’t?” said the second one.

“I’m not going to let this get to me,” said another.

“She’s so rude it’s almost funny – and she doesn’t even realize it,” I said.

“Exactly,” the others agreed.

“What can you do with someone like that?” said the first one.

“Use her as blog material,” I said with a grin, “what else?”

The moral of the story?  As always, you can’t control the putzes, since they’re everywhere, but mirrors aren’t, so some of these clothing stores really ought to add more mirrors!


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