I Got the Horse Right Here, Part 2

My second racehorse, FUNKYMUNKYSUNSHINE!

My second racehorse, FUNKYMUNKYSUNSHINE! (Photo by Richard Munk)

As I said the other day when I wrote about buying a share of a racehorse named Addwater, he was only the first one.  I planned on getting a share in a yearling that Funky Munky Stable would soon have available, too.

So I’d like to present FUNKYMUNKYSUNSHINE!  How’s that for a name?  She’s the yearling, she’s finally available as an investment, and I arranged for some shares of her last week.

She’s also one beautiful horse, wouldn’t you say?  That coat!  That color!  The strength in those legs!

Now that I’ve invested in two of them, my master plan here is to simply sit back and see how everything goes.  It’s a good idea, I think, to have more than one, and to be able to compare and contrast the action with them.  I truly am enjoying this venture.  The first horse, Addwater, is already racing; the yearling, Funkymunkysunshine, still needs to be trained before her big racetrack debut.  I promise to keep you all posted.

Addwater, in fact, will run on Monday night in the sixth race at Yonkers Raceway, which reminds me: at some point, I have to get out there to watch him race, live and in person.  I am perhaps the only partial racehorse owner on Earth who has yet to go to a racetrack.  But hey, if I can already have so much fun with this from afar, watching the races over streaming video, why not?  If I can, you can, too!

And if you’d also like to invest in a horse, I got the horse right here:  www.funkymunkystable.com – contact Richard and Karen Munk for more info, and please, tell ’em I sent you!

Look at the expression in those observant big eyes! This horse is smart as a whip.

Look at the expression in those observant big eyes! This horse is a smartie. (Photo by Richard Munk)

Hello there, Funkymunkysunshine!

Hello there, Funkymunkysunshine!  (Photo by Richard Munk)


3 thoughts on “I Got the Horse Right Here, Part 2

  1. Loving this post Carolyn. Way to go. Can’t wait to see how this works out. Thinking it is a win/win situation my friend. LOL………and they’re off………… xoxox Sue D/


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