Old & New Hollywood Book Recommendation: NOT WITHOUT YOU by Harriet Evans

Another great read: NOT WITHOUT YOU by British author Harriet Evans.

Another great read: NOT WITHOUT YOU by British author Harriet Evans!

Here’s another terrific book that I wanted to recommend to anyone who loves stories of Old Hollywood, not to mention New Hollywood.  NOT WITHOUT YOU by Harriet Evans tells the story of two stars: Eve Noel, who mysteriously disappeared after making seven great movies during the 1950’s, and Sophie Leigh, who’s trying to elevate her career from the fluff movies she’s been making circa 2012.

Sophie’s favorite actress is Eve Noel.  She purchased Eve’s old house in Hollywood, and she’s even from the same part of England as Eve is.  She would like to find Eve, who may or may not be back in England, though nobody can say for sure where she is…

That’s all I’ll say about the page-turner of a plot, because I don’t want to include any spoilers.  However, I can tell you that this book seems to cover all kinds of angles of the Hollywood experience, the phony publicity stories, the cover-ups of various peccadillos, the friends who get jealous when one young “hopeful” makes it and another doesn’t, the innocent actions that are overblown into media “scandals” – everything!  It’s delicious, and I’m thrilled to have found out about the work of Harriet Evans.  I can’t wait to read the rest of her books, too!



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