A Beautiful, Heartwarming Documentary: THREE KHMER FLOWERS

If what the world needs now is love, sweet love, have I got a documentary for the world!

Take a look at THREE KHMER FLOWERS.  The story, from director Diane Mason, follows a woman named Jean Malmgren and her husband Jim Melvin as they travel to Cambodia to adopt an “older child,” not an infant.  Older children – that is, ones beyond about the age of one or two – have less of a chance of getting adopted, which is so unfair to the kids.

When they arrive, they find the child originally matched to them is not available, but are offered a beautiful toddler instead.  Of course they accept the toddler…but once they’re back in the United States, Jean still wishes she could have adopted an older child…

I don’t want to say anything more, because it will reveal too much about the movie, and this is a film well worth seeing.  What the world needs now is more people like Jean Malmgren and Jim Melvin!  Take a look, and by all means, enjoy this:


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