Creepiness Overload and the JonBenet Ramsey Case

JonBenet Ramsey.

JonBenet Ramsey, who didn’t deserve what happened to her.

Well, I’m on full creepiness overload tonight thanks to two television specials in a row on the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  At 8:00 PM I saw the third Dr. Phil interview of JonBenet’s now 29-year-old brother, Burke, and at 9:00 PM there was the second The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey on CBS.

Whoa, boy!

Burke smiled, grinned, and looked just plain eerie all through all three Dr. Phil episodes.  The doc himself tried to deflect attention from that bizarre smile by saying Burke worked with computers, people handle grief in different ways, Burke was nervous, and he hadn’t really ever spoken out before.  Be that as it may, it was still disturbing to watch those three interviews.  Lots of people haven’t spoken out before about a whole variety of subjects, but come on, Phil, if somebody’s discussing their sister’s murder twenty years after the fact, why would they smile as they discussed it throughout all three shows?

Had Burke not plastered such a grinning mask onto his face, I would have been a lot more impressed.  He gave decent answers to Dr. Phil’s questions.  He even said he hopes the case will be solved one day.  John Ramsey, the ever-calm father, was also interviewed on the show and presented himself very well.  I’d have been able to say the same for Burke, save for the three episodes of constant smiles.  Something’s wrong there.  Nobody’s that uneasy…

Might their decision to speak out at this moment have been prompted by knowing investigators would be involved with the second show that was on tonight?

The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey did a remarkable job of presenting another look at the evidence.  Their main theory, following exhausting research, is that Burke killed his sister by accident and the parents covered it up.

And yet…

One of the most fascinating aspects of The Case Of was their enhancement of the 911 call Patsy Ramsey to report her daughter “missing” following her alleged finding of the ransom note.  After Patsy thought she’d hung up the phone, the operator could still hear what was going on.  The recording was muffled so they used technology to clarify it.  One of the things that could clearly be heard was a small voice, presumed to be Burke, asking his parents, “What did you find?”  The emphasis was on the “did,” not the “find.”  A male voice scolds harshly, “We weren’t talking to you!”

If that child had truly been responsible for the accidental killing of his sister, why would he be asking his parents what they found?  Wouldn’t he already know what happened?  If the family spent the night trying to disguise “Burke’s” crime, isn’t it reasonable to believe he’d have seen at least part of the mad dash to cover it up?

What if Burke knew something about what happened, perhaps even saw some of it go down, but wasn’t the one who did it.  My bet’s always been on Patsy.  Why else would Burke ask what they found?

Besides, as The Case Of pointed out, the parents did all they could to prevent the Boulder Police from solving the case, not agreeing to be interviewed by them – while talking to CNN – and hiding behind lawyers…

What a mess!

I like the way The Case Of ended.  They think someone out there might have been told relevant information by the person who actually did it.  Come forward!

There’s a good summary of the findings here: Hollywood-Reporter-The-Case-Of-JonBenet-Ramsey

John and Patsy Ramsey. Patsy had no problem emoting on television but wasn't helping the police find out who hurt her child. Was it because she already knew?

John and Patsy Ramsey. Patsy had no problem emoting on television but wasn’t helping the police find out who hurt her child. Was it because she already knew?




6 thoughts on “Creepiness Overload and the JonBenet Ramsey Case

  1. Julien says:

    I think John Ramsey is the sole killer. Patsy called the cops. Her panic and grief were real. I don’t believe she killed her child, wrote a note and then called the cops WITH the body in the house. John, on the other hand, lied about the break in the window and walked down into the basement as if he knew exactly where to find the body. He even told Anderson Cooper that he doesn’t think of JonBenet very often. A narcissistic psychopath.


  2. …I suppose each person will have an opinion, each one different… mine is that the behavioral people and investigators have the true story…I watched Burke Ramsey with Dr Phil a couple of times, but I grew tired of his smirking… and the way he would answer accusations, “do they have any proof”…then when I heard that he had hit JonBenet in the face with a golf club, smeared feces on her Christmas present and put a “ball” of feces in her bed, things kind of came together…I think the mom and dad were covering for Burke…I believe that he had a fit of anger that caused him to hit her in the head with the flashlight because he was angry with her for something she did to him that night, and already didn’t like all the attention she was getting as a beauty queen…the marks on her back were not stun gun because they did not match a stun gun marks, but they did match the Toy RR track pins that they suspect were used to zap her to see if she was still alive…the kid was only nine years old but was very intelligent, and played with the train a lot…he never seemed act as though he loved or missed JonBenet…a very superior acting creep, and suspicious…and don’t forget the grand jury voted to indict but the friend of the Ramsey’s, the DA, would not bring charges against them…we never heard about the indictment until years later…the jury apparently believed the evidence that the Ramsey’s were covering things up…Patsy wrote the note and broke down and didn’t finish it, poorly worded, showing her mind-set at the time…but then that’s just me…


  3. Lola Shropshire says:

    John Ramsey told Dr Phil the reason the retained the attorney is because they were told by someone who would know (prob the DA) that the police were focused on them entirely as murderers or cover up-pers, so i can understand why they would retain an attorney…but all three of them were strange Patsy was a mess, and John and Burke both calm and collected… i like the sodium pentathol idea, or at least a lie-detector, but the two men prob would pass it, sociopaths sometimes do…i wish i had watched all of Burke, but Phil was so convinced he was innocent, and i know someone who smirks with superiority like Burke, and i can’t stand him, so couldn’t watch….


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